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>> you're watching live from paris. hour.p stories this thatl against the hatred killed jo cox. british lawmakers pay tribute to the member of parliament who was week in a daylight attack in her constituency. from britain's e.u. referendum. more business leaders pledging on the remain camp. disturbedally individual who acted alone. more details emerge about orlando shooter omar mateen as transcriptreleases a
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of the 9-1-1 calls made during at pulsey siege nightclub. scenesn with emotional in the british houses of parliament this monday as her the publiced on from gallery, lawmakers pay tribute to jo cox, the member who order murdered in her constituency last week. m.p.'s wore white roses and one was placed on her empty seat. all partiesfrom paid tribute to cox's work, including jeremy corbyn and rachel reeves. >> we have lost one of our own our society as a whole has of our very best. she'd spent her life serving and for other people.
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the horrific act that took her from us was an attack on democracy, on our whole country has been shocked and saddened by it. but in the days since, the country has also learned something of the extraordinary humanity and compassion which ande her political activism beliefs. >> jo was struck down much too it now falls on all of our shoulders to carry on jo's to combat and guard against hatred, intolerance and to serve other with dignity and that is the best way that we can remember jo and all that she stood for. this, no let me say can replace a mother. laura: the man accused of cox appeared in court for the second time today. is accused of shootings and stabbing the
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mother of two in the street last thursday. he confirmed his name at the old bailey court in london. in the earlier court appearance, he said, "death to traitors." three days to go until britain referendume historic on whether to remain in the leave.n union or more business leaders today coming out in support of staying in the e.u. them, virgin boss, richard branson. executives at several carmakers the english of football premier league. i spoke with the professor of at lancaster university and asked him why the remain so inunspiring. been one thing worse than the remain campaign andthat has been the tone nature of the exit campaign. the remain campaign has failed to explain the european union to voters. a lot of remain supporters will
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be doing so still thinking imposes its decisions on britain and i think that what take forlmost done is granted that nobody could possibly get enthusiastic about the european union. that is almost, i think, an admission of defeat and failure started.e campaign more business leaders coming out in favor of the remain campaign today. talk about experts both scenarios, what would happen to the economy. what do you think of the main points for the economy in e.u.?n leaves the guest: unfortunately, like other experts, a lot of this is guess work. but i think it has been established over the course of the campaign and is not exitusly contested by the camp that there will at least be a short-term decline in
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britain's trade. what the remain camp has failed do is address the question that the exit camp is saying is that we trade at a loss with the that we export less the e.u. than we import from them. now, the real lesson of this is that britain doesn't make enough people in other countries want and that's not going to change outside the the economicn so argument has been sterile and a bandied aroundcs based on guess work rather than thes but underneath statistics and predictions put out by the remain campaign, there still lax -- lacks this enthusiasm, saying you'll be better off financially but the exit people can say it doesn't matter so much if we're marginally less well off financially, we will be free. we return to the point that the campaign has run rings around remain in terms of the emotional appeal. remain, i think, will owe an
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made byt in stakes exit, like, for example, the by nigel therage shows exit campaign which the grotesque underbelly of the exit camp. injected emotion into the remain campaign but it hasn't been them. it has been other people that have given emotional reasons for rejecting exit rather than tomly embracing the case remain. laura: the u.k. is an important economic partner for germany but politically on a level, shoring up berlin against southern european countries on economic and budget issues. we have a report on the view of from berlin. reporter: this berlin s.m.e. manufacturing optical devices and electronics for the cosmetics industry. soldf these products are
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abroad. they are worried about the brexit here. britain is germany's third most important economic partner. its exit from the e.u. would have a direct impact on many companies like this one across the country. >> britain is an important trading partner for us and we e.u. exportsur there. a brexit would mean that trade customs we are trying to remove would be reinstated, which is everything last year.gainst cause a: a brexit would drop in made-in-germany exports and cost the country up to three points of its g.d.p. berlin is more concerned than britain,ainly because like germany, is a fan of budgetary rigor. berlin could end up dealing with countriesrn european alone, according to this journalism. >> the concern is the threat of who is on theer
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same wave length on many issues. this, in turn, would strengthen countries of southern europe that want to share debts within union. reporter: the front cover last the german magazine go." "please don't according to a survey, 79% of remain want britain to in the e.u. there are also those who fear a contagion effect. it's important that they stay. i think they get more from the don'than they give and lose as much as they believe they do and it's a fatal signal for the e.u. if they want to leave. >> it's still up in the air. the polls go back and forth. think it would be very good if they stayed because if britain leaves, others will follow and would start to the get shaky. reporter: nervousness is peaked in germany. see the third
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largest contributor to the e.u. leave the union. have towould compensate. laura: more details have emerged about orlando shooter omar who gunned down 49 people earlier this month. the f.b.i. has released the call hept of a 9-1-1 made during a three-hour siege he made at the pulse nightclub. he spoke arabic, identified himself as an islamic soldier threatened to strap explosives to his hostages. the transcript does not show that he pledged allegiance to the islamic state. describedors have mateen as a mentally disturbed individual acting alone. of 49 and the shooter of 53 others identified islamic soldier who pledged allegiance to a onrorist organization bent killing americans. he does not represent the islam, but a
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perverted view, which based on what we know today was inspired extremist killers. we currently have no evidence directed by a foreign terrorist group but was domestically. laura: more now on how the presenting this new information. reporter: chosen words from the f.b.i. which is really seeking to reassure the general public, there is demonstrate genuine progress being made in this investigation. that person representing the federal bureau of investigation, the processrseeing at the pulse nightclub in orlando, and of course, looking through the killer's 500ground, saying that interviews have been conducted, 600 pieces of evidence have been retrieved from the crime scene. that's almost basically the
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investigation is ongoing. we learned a couple of other concrete elements, notably through the release of parts of the conversations between the killer and authorities. remember, he made several phone calls to authorities out in florida while he had hostages in his possession, basically partial- we only have transcription of those releases -- stating that, for paris-style had bombs, perhaps in a vehicle parked outside the club, but again, not much else being the f.b.i. that is describing the manner in which themiller was talking to during his crime as being and deliberate. laura: the number of refugees surpassed 65 million for the first time ever. the u.n.'srding to
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latest report released this monday to coincide with world refugee day. the inflex of people displaced is the biggest since the second world war. reach europe via the sahara desert. is a major hub for headings of africans north. ghettos,with migrant inside, packed with young men west africa. mohammad is from guinea. after three years without a job, road and describes himself as an adventurer. >> i have to take responsibility for my family. they'll be glad to have any to them,an send back especially my mother. the road is difficult. the way.en die on
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we'll be risking our lives. choice.simply no reporter: from the president to the pauper, everyone is running to get rich. of mohammad's song. he dreams of becoming a singer a futboler once he reaches europe. are full ofmen impossible dreams. that's what keeps them going on perilous journey. >> you have to get to the west. see you ande will you can become a star. reporter: the road's not only dangerous, it can be torturously long. get stranded along the way. like ibrahim. they simply have no more money but they won't envisage going home.
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>> to me to die is better than right now. reporter: for those who do manage to scrape together the terrifying journey awaits. across the sahara to libya where and theirsk prison lives before even reaching the mediterranean. at least 160,000 migrants are -- expected to take this gamble this year. rome have people of elected a female mayor for the first time in the city's history.r virginia raggi is a member of five-starstablishment party. she's pledged to fight winning moreter than 67% of the vote on sunday. rome is one of several cities to vote five star at the weekend. mainstreamn how parties are losing ground across europe.
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reporter: victory for a young anti-establishment party, in rome, five star's virginia raggi vote to become the city's first female mayor. >> i think people wanted a think this brings a real change in the right direction. >> it wasn't really a revolt. i think people sent a clear message to the political establishment, a new, young party. i hope they won't be mired in like the rest. 19 ofer: the party won in the 20,000 cities where it advanced in the runoff. created only seven years ago, the five star movement has back ofopularity on the anger over widespread corruption. its meteoric rise adds to a growing trend in europe. issues like
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immigration have led to the far right's gains while anger at austerity has seen leftist parties gain ground in spain and greece. a sort ofs anti-system movement throughout the european countries that want to overthrow the ruling political class and replace it with what we can call a citizen alternative. reporter: the trend has alarmed not only the political e.u.lishment but also the in its recent report, the bank warnedtral that political uncertainty may delay structural reforms and financial security. these non-mainstream parties are challenge of turning their protest movements into political laura: police in belgium have detained six people in connection with last year's attack on the express train to france. the office of the federal prosecutor says that six homes
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areae greater brussels were searched and no arms were found. year, al-cazany tried to open fire with an assault rifle on a train that crossed over into belgium fouras overpowered by americans. french police termed it an islamic extremist attack. gears up to celebrate its cabron anniversary, the museum has been named in tribute the former french president, .hirac crowded cultural landscape, this paris medium names out and it has a new new exhibition to mark
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the museum's 10th birthday. until thewhich runs to of october, is dedicated the former french president, the museum's founding father. onthe exhibition focused non-european cultures and given the cultural history in the 20th and reminds us how there was a shift from cultures being by western cultures to eventually being admired. reporter: more than 14 million visitors have passed through the chiracs doors since inaugurated it a decade ago. the spotlight is on the arts and civilizations of africa, asia, oceania and the americans. the world's destiny lies on the -- laura: our international headlines this hour, there was a call to unite against the hatred killed jo cox. british lawmakers have been
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paying tribute to the member of was murdered last week in a daylight attack in her constituency. until britain's e.u. referendum and more business leaders have been pledging support for the remain camp, including richard branson head of the english football premier league. and a mentally disturbed who acted alone, more orlandoemerging with shooter omar mateen as the f.b.i. releases a transcript of 9-1-1 call he made. let's get business news. as we have been reporting, three britain's e.u.l referendum. we've had more warnings today, we, from across the business community? reporter: the possibility of question calling into a host of issues for the country, including britain's ability in hiring foreign workers with just days left
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before britain's vote to remain the european union, confusion remains on the aftermath for brexit. u.k.'s most prominent businessmen, richard branson, is countrymen who vote remain. reporter: raising the specter of war, british entrepreneur richard branson took a strong stance in favor of his country to remain in the e.u. think as far as great britain is concerned, it would be a financial disaster. see the pound collapsing and trade being stifled and a that the financial center of europe being in london could to europe. reporter: pro-europeans like branson warn a vote to quit the e.u. will hurt britain's economy and especially the service
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sectors that trade with the bloc and benefit from free movement of labor. london-based force is currently cashing in on the the owner says he's worried vote.a leave >> build a business, expand the business, bringing staff in from baltic states becomes more challenging. in hong kong, businessmen are set to watch the outcome of the referendum closely. london loses preeminence, asian countries listed in london may move to other venues. interesting to marketsate if asian benefit. reporter: the chief executive of hong kong's british chamber of says it's important to avoid panic if britain votes to leave. still a strong trading power and its economy, largest in the world.
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reporter: i spoke to a member of the house of lords and i began by asking him if whether the u.s. would disregard the world's economy when it comes to negotiating trade deals. say.s what he had to >> as a country, britain is the fifth largest economy in the world. it's important to understand why. the united states is one of our and always will be. it has historically come to britain's aid over the last century, the second world war, the americans were our allies. we are part of nato together and we work side by side and always they said clearly the americans do not want us to leave europe. theyhey have said clearly do not want us to leave europe, when you talk to anyone in india europe.e in the whole world is saying stay in the e.u. largestre we the fifth economy in the world? this is something constantly about by the brexiteers,
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on our own stand feet. since the single market came over thesein 1993, past years, it is britain who's cumulativehest g.d.p. growth rate of 62%. inmany has only been 35% that period so britain has actually did really wellbeing sot of the european union for us to leave the european union i think would be very, very dangerous. trump has called for brexit. leave. he would vote to >> some people would say that. trump and nigel fares would make great company. fact.t the other the other fact is that we've got britain being the number two investment recipient in the world. britain is by far, the latest britain is came out, by far the largest recipient of the wholeestment in
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of europe. reporter: three days to go there the referendum in u.k. and nissan is taking the after thep to court japanese carmaker's logo wound in leaflets supporting brexit. thes get a check of markets. over in the united states, we are seeing stocks rally this of over 1% across the board. at this hour.1.3% fears of a brexit were pushed aside in europe. this monday, the main indices ending the session with solid gains across the board. and cac up across the board. in germany say toy've launched a program
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against volkswagen's chief executive. winter corn stepped down from company in september. his resignation came days after publiclyes in the u.s. accused volkswagen of manipulating the results of its emissions test. the same of the second executive been investigation has not disclosed. moving on, india has announced radical changes to its foreign direct investment policy. defense and airline companies 100% foreign owned. other sectors impacted by the changes include pharmaceuticals and single brand retail. the government has also relaxed norms for sourcing locally for a period of three years with the an extension. tech giant apple is expected to benefit from the change. twitter, prime minister modi most open is the
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economy in the world for f.d.i. after an abrupt decision to quit, the governor reserve bank of india has hit out against his critics. he said those who have called his policy rates too high cannot have lower inflation as well as rates. the former i.m.f. chief countryt shocked the when he said he wouldn't seek a second term. been pushed he had out. prominent bankers and businessmen in india have called the government's decision to let rajan go a mistake. bei think this is going to extremely harmful for the indian economy. we are entering a period of a instability. britain's brexit vote will take place next week. oil price instability. the indian monsoons have been delayed so there is a period of uncertainty for the global economy and indian economy and this, for rajan
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not to be in position, will be quite harmful. business that's the news for now. laura: we're taking a short break. stay with us.
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from pacifica this is democracy now. mr. sanders: i look forward in the coming weeks to continue discussions between the two campaigns to make certain that your voices are heard and that the democratic party passes the most progressive platform in its history and that democrats actually fight for that agenda. amy: as bernie sanders


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